Benefits of Mobile Cloud Computing

Benefits of Mobile Cloud Computing

What is Mobile Cloud Computing? It is a new concept that combines the two concepts: mobile computing and cloud computing. Mobile Cloud Computing is simply the merging of mobile computing with cloud computing. With this new innovation, mobile devices can be utilized for a number of tasks that would not have been possible without the presence of a cloud server and access to huge databases and associated tools.

It basically covers three key areas: Mobile Cloud Computing allows users to access computing resources via their mobile phones. Cloud computing helps mobile devices gain access to the same computing technologies found in the enterprise data centers. The third area involves data storage. Cloud-based data storage helps a user to access information stored on the servers, regardless of whether the device is rooted or not.

Mobile cloud computing also makes it easier for workers to collaborate and exchange information across the organization. Through all of these, mobile cloud computing is able to provide mobile users with access to computing resources that are as robust as those offered by the enterprise data centers.

How does mobile cloud computing work?

For data access to enterprise data storage, various methods are used. For instance, some may use a web browser. Others might use an applet. Some use a USB-connected device, while others might access the service through cellular data access networks (MDFAs).

In the case of mobile cloud computing, one method of access is provided by server-based computing technology. The user connects their device to the service using USB data access networking or Wi-Fi. The mobile apps that they have installed on their devices then connect to the service and access the local data storage that is kept on the device. The data can either be stored on local network storage or on remote storage provided by cloud computing technology.


On the other hand, there are some mobile cloud computing devices that can use mobile apps through Bluetooth. This feature makes it easier for a user to run his mobile apps on his device. The device can be controlled using a tap or a swipe. It also supports interactive data access. It enables a certain device to run a specific application even when the user is not near the vicinity of the Internet cafe.


A mobile cloud computing technology also enables the synchronization of data between various devices. Synchronization means that a certain set of information is synchronized among devices running on the same network. This way, a certain application that has been installed on a device running on a particular network will not require downloading and installing the application on other devices. Instead, the information will be ready for immediate use.

Location cloaking

Location cloaking is another application that is provided by this technology. This means that a certain entity’s location is hidden from other people. Thus, this application will help businesses in collecting data belonging to third parties while keeping their identity secret. Moreover, mobile cloud computing technology also includes service level agreements so that an organization can pay for the services that they have acquired.

Benefits of Mobile Cloud Computing

Mobile computing offers unlimited opportunities for companies and individuals to stay connected with each other at all times. But for that, certain regulations need to be followed. One of these regulations involves data ownership. Data ownership will ensure that users do not share data with third parties. Thus, mobile cloud computing has made telecommuting a more pleasant experience.

As we said earlier, one of the benefits of mobile cloud computing is that applications can be accessed on the go. Thus, an individual can easily access his or her favorite mobile application while on the go. This means that if you are traveling on business trips and would like to check your email or browse the internet, you don’t have to take out a laptop. All you have to do is simply connect your device to the company’s Wi-Fi network and you will be able to access your favorite applications at any time. What’s more, the device will be synchronized with the company’s server so that it will be ready to receive updates whenever there is a new version of the app.

Aside from its great features, another reason why mobile cloud computing has become very popular is its price. Since the applications that you get are already optimized for low power consumption, they are very much affordable. Thus, an individual doesn’t have to worry about spending too much for acquiring such a great device just to use it for its intended purpose. Aside from being very easy to use, they can also perform tasks much faster than what an individual would experience if he were to use a laptop or a tablet. This means that he or she can save precious time, energy, and money that he or she can spend on buying tablets for his or her employees.

One of the advantages of mobile cloud computing is that it eliminates the need for data ownership. Whenever you purchase media, such as music or movies, you will be downloading it to your phone. However, you will also be sharing the same data ownership with the company that sold you the media. Hence, if you want to access your media whenever you feel like, you will have to purchase it from them instead of from a third party, which is more expensive.

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