Best Photo editing apps

Best Photo Editing Apps Used by Millions of People

Living in the modern world, you would have observed that almost everything has filters. It could be an online social picture or some advertisement on the billboard, almost everything is displayed with editing. Most people search for the best photo editing apps and edit their own pictures or edit their business-related photographs to stand out among the others.

Therefore, a photo-editing application has become extremely necessary. But selecting the best tool to modify your photos can be a hectic task. To help you with this problem, we have created a complete list of photo editing applications that provide amazing results. 

6 Best photo editing applications in this field

A variety of photo editing applications are available online. Here we have listed the popular applications that are used in android and IOS systems:

1. PicsArt

This can be undoubtedly described as one of the best applications for photo editing. It is not only simple to use but also provides every feature for beginner to intermediate level of editing. You can create collages, add stickers, apply filters and also type some text on your images. However, you do have to pay for the premium membership if you are willing to get an advertisement-free platform, as the free application is full of advertisements.

Android, iOS

2. Facetune 2

For enhancing any object using colors, shadows, and highlights, Facetune 2 provides the right set of tools. You can modify any portrait with some amazing features like face smoothing, smile enhancement, teeth whitening, and reshaping. However, its premium version is slightly on the higher side.

Android, iOS

3. Afterlight 2

The application has excellent tools for editing a particular photo. But almost all the high-level features are available in the premium membership. Additionally, you will find the IOS version to be more advanced than Android.

Android, iOS

4. Instagram

One of the most popular free applications that not only allow socializing but also provide interactive and quick editing tools is Instagram. You can easily modify and share any image or video on this platform.

Android, iOS


If you need a basic application with a friendly UI and minimal features for casual photo editing, then Pixlr is the ideal choice. It also has a premium version with no advertisement. But this one is not recommended for professional users. 

Android, iOS

5. Adobe Photoshop camera

This is another great application that is created by a well-known company. Its best part is the AI that scans and edits certain parts of the image even before you take a shot with the inbuilt camera. Moreover, the application features a variety of filters that can edit or remove any portion of the picture. If you own this application on an iPad, then you can take benefits of the desktop-like features along with touch functionality.

Android, iOS

6. Google Photos

Providing beginner-level editing tools and easy controls, this application is suitable for everyone. Google Photos also creates a backup of your data. So, never worry about losing your favorite photos or videos.

Android, iOS

Select the best

Out of all the photo editing applications, you should choose the one that provides a good ratio of both quality and price. If you are on a tight budget, then go for the free applications. But for advanced tools and techniques, one must have to invest some money in a decent photo-editing application. The best part is that most of these can easily run on any mobile device.

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