Cannot Open Project Filmora Error Resolved

Cannot Open Project – Filmora Error [Resolved]

When we are working with video editing software, sometimes we face numerous kinds of difficulties due to the bugs of the software. As we all know software developers always keep on upgrading and publishing newer versions of their software by resolving bug issues. Some errors occur as a result of the low performance of the PC that we are using.

So, first of all, we need to check at least the minimum requirements for the software that we are planning to use. But we always recommend to upgrade your PC up-to the recommended level to use a software, especially when it comes to the graphic designing, video editing or 3D animation.

Filmora is a video editing software that has rising popularity. Some of the editors use Filmora to edit their Youtube videos also. Just like the other software, Filmora is also giving some errors when we are using it. Most of the new video editors who are using Filmora to edit their videos, do not have any idea about the backup files of their work that are stored in the hard drive.

Those backups are really a big advantage, If suddenly your hard worked project file gets corrupted. We know what you feel when “Cannot Open Project” error appears with an empty Filmora Project. Do not get panic. We have a solution.

Here are the steps to resolve the issue.

1. Go to the “Documents” Folder

  • If you are using Filmora9 – You will find a Folder called “Wondershare Filmora 9“.
  • If You are using Filmora X – You will find a folder called “Wondershare” as highlighted in the picture.

Double-Click & Go Inside

Filmora errors

2. Then Double – Click “Wondershare Filmora” Folder

Filmora errors

3. Go To The “Backup” Folder

Filmora errors

4. Find The Crashed Project From The Files Inside The “Backup” Folder & Double Click

If you are looking for the last project you worked, then you can easily sort the folders from Date Modified Tab and find the last project.

Cannot Open Project - Filmora Error [Resolved]

It’s Opening…

Filmora errors

5. Finally

Cannot Open Project - Filmora Error [Resolved]

We hope we saved a lot of time & effort of many creators…

Have Wonderful Editing !

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