How Home Security System Works?

How Do Home Security Systems Work? – A Simple Guide

Home security systems protect a home from intrusions by securing entry points. Essentially, doors leading into the house and accessible windows, especially on the ground floor, are secured with sensors. In addition, motion sensors are installed in open spaces. To give you a clearer picture, let’s take an in-depth look at a simple guide on “How Do Home Security Systems Work?”.

How Do Home Security Systems Work?

Essentially, the home security system consists of numerous components such as alarms and sensors. These components connect to the base station, which in turn connects the system to our mobile devices. To put this into perspective, the base station connects the home security system to mobile devices.

A Simple Guide on How Home Security Systems Work?

Typically, the systems link to phones through WIFI, Bluetooth, or cellular connections. Some systems are designed with batteries and a landline to keep them functioning even when there is a power outage.

The security system is armed every time we are outside the home. You can disarm it upon return by inputting the password using a keypad or press keyfob. For smart systems, you can use voice commands or mobile apps.

How Alarm Monitoring Works During An Intrusion?

When there is a security breach in your home, an alarm will automatically go off. Consequently, the base station sends a notification to your phone. Depending on the device setting, you can either receive notification via message, email app notifications. Once you get a notification, you can view live-stream footage from the security camera. You can also speak to the person on camera through an inbuilt two-way audio system.

A Simple Guide on How Home Security Systems Work? - How Alarm Monitoring Works During An Intrusion?

Sometimes the intrusion can occur when you are far away or when you are extremely busy.  It is therefore imperative to involve the services of professional monitoring companies. The alarm notifies the professional team, who notify emergency services immediately after verifying the emergency. The emergency service includes the police, fire departments, and paramedics.

The good thing about working with professionals is that they are well trained to respond to emergencies, whether it is burglary or fire. They are also on standby 24/7. This means that your home will be safe even when you are far away.

It is also recommendable to get a siren to complement the alarms. It scares the burglar away and alerts the neighbors. An ideal siren should be loud enough, preferably 85 decibel and above.

How Wireless Home Security Systems Work?

You might be familiar with the traditional home security system. They were connected to electricity and required lots of drilling. This system has been phased out and is hard to find nowadays. Homeowners have resorted to using smart home security systems.

Modern systems use wireless communication protocols such as Z Wave, which enable sensors to communicate with the hub. The hub, in turn, uses Wifi or cellular connection to communicate outside the home. The protocols are reliable, secure, and power-efficient. This means that a battery-powered sensor can operate for months on end.

A Simple Guide on How Home Security Systems Work? - How Wireless Home Security Systems Work?
Wireless Home Security System Components

Final Words

The functionality of the modem system requires little input from the homeowners. It notifies you of intrusion wherever you are on the globe. It also notifies emergency service, ensuring that the security breach is dealt with soon as possible. You can, therefore, rest assured that your home is safe and secure. Now you have a clear picture of how the security system works. It is now upon you to play your part by getting a high-quality home security system.

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