How Much RAM Do You Need For Video Editing?

A few years back, any system could work with minimum requirements. Whether it was a desktop, laptop, or any phone, none of the devices needed high-end specifications. But due to rapidly growing technology and fast working environment, these systems changed. New products were available in the market that could deliver the work in a fraction of seconds. Due to this, the overall working efficiency of people increased. 

Talking about today’s world, computers have become immensely powerful. Unlike before, where a few megabytes of RAM were sufficient for any PC, now we require at least 8 Gigabytes for the optimum working of the operating system. Hardware and software capabilities are changing every year. Thus, you need to understand how much power your system requires to sustain the current scenario.

Adding on to that, RAM is a crucial part of any system. It does most of the data exchanging tasks in a device. Depending on an application, the need for RAM fluctuates. Modern RAM modules can perform at a much higher frequency than previous versions. Though, most machines require a bigger RAM or more modules rather than a higher frequency. This is an easy task as most memory sticks come at a cheap price nowadays. 

How Much RAM Do You Need For Video Editing? - How much RAM is required for video editing?

However, remember that for running strenuous tasks on your system, you do require more RAM with higher clock frequency. Applications like games, designing and editing software and large databases need more RAM than usual. Today, we will discuss the working and features of RAM. This will mainly help you to select the right amount for video editing.

How does RAM work in our systems?

Random Access Memory works by storing frequently used data that can be quickly accessed by our CPU. RAM is more than ten to twenty times faster than SSDs and HDDs. Due to quick data transfer, you can seamlessly do your tasks without any interruptions or delays.

The Difference between RAM & VRAM

RAM is the main memory that is used by our computers. If the value of memory is higher, the higher the machine performance. So, You can work simultaneously with multiple software without any interrupts.

VRAM stands for “Video RAM”. VRAM is responsible to load and store video data. If the VRAM amount is higher, that PC can display more 2D or 3D images simultaneously.

How much RAM is required for video editing?

For any video editing software, RAM usage depends on various factors. Image resolution, color bit, and playback speed via cache are some of the important causes of higher RAM utilization. Latest devices can handle such situations easily. However, you still need to know the right amount of RAM for certain conditions.

RAM requirements can be categorized into the following types:

8GB: This is the suitable amount of memory that helps in the basic editing and functionality of your system. It is also the recommended amount of RAM for modern operating systems. You can edit small files of HD to full HD resolution.

As an example, a minimum of 8GB of RAM required for Adobe Premiere Pro 12.1.2. But they have mentioned that 16GB or more is recommended.

If we check on minimum system requirements for After Effects, we can see that 16GB of minimum RAM required and 32GB RAM is recommended.

So, we can see that when video editing software upgrades version by version, the requirement of RAM amount is rising up.

16GB: With such memory capacity, you can easily edit larger files having HD to QHD resolutions. 

32 GB: With 32 Gigabytes, one can work on 4k videos while seamlessly running some background applications as well. 

64 GB and above: Using such a large amount of RAM is the latest trend. People use these memory modules for 8K and above editing. Plus, it helps in running any additional background applications without any jitter or lags. All in all, it comes down to your preference and the type of file you are editing. Select the right size of RAM for better productivity.

How Much RAM Do You Need For Video Editing? - How much RAM is required for video editing?

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