How Much You Can Earn as a Graphic Designer? – Salary Information

Whether it’s an e-commerce website, brand logo, or a hoarding advertisement, everything requires proper artwork. Apart from experience, a graphic designer requires skills and a lot of creativity. This is where a graphic designer comes into the picture. So today we are bringing you some graphic designer salary levels, to show you how much you can earn, if you master this profession.

Graphic designing covers a vast majority of industries. It is a popular field that has recently boomed in the modern world. But nowadays, it’s not just about displaying artwork. The artists have to become proficient in various components of designing to earn a decent salary in a company. 

In this article, we have described the salary list of a graphic designer. This will help you in understanding the working of the industry and the potential of earning in any company.

What does the salary depend on?

When we talk about the exact amount a graphic designer earns, then we have to acknowledge two factors. First the experience of a person and second the position held in a company along with the skillset. Combining all these can create the perfect graphic designer. 

An average professional graphic designer salary ranges from $25,000 to $80,000 in the US. This income varies according to the company and experience gained during the years. Advance designers, who are having years of experience can earn even more than that. This was observed in the popular job and salary review websites like Glassdoor and PayScale. However, we have to take an in-depth look to know the salaries of graphic designers according to the experience level.

Junior graphic designer salary

If you have just started your career in this industry, and if you have only minimal experience, then your annual salary can start from $34,000 to $35000. This can go up to almost $50,000 depending on your skills and certifications. At the beginning of your career, you might get paid even less than the average salary. But this is the time to create a name without thinking about the paid amount. 

Senior graphic designer salary

With around 5 years or more experience, an average designer gets $65,431 per year. Again, this amount can vary depending on the company and the type of work. Mostly, a senior graphic designer is expected to master various technologies like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Gimp, CorelDraw, and Blender. 

Furthermore, at this stage, such designers will mostly work as team managers to achieve the targets for the company. That is why their paygrade is more than other employees. 

Freelance graphic designer salary

It is also possible to work as a freelance graphic designer. If you are thinking about working in a reputed firm, then an average freelancer gets $57,433 a year. Additionally, you can apply to various freelancing websites like Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer to earn some money on the side. 

The best advantage of these websites is that you can decide the payment and also the type of work before getting an order. It is extremely simple to create an online profile and start earning from your home. For a single service, you can get a starting payout of $100. 

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