How to Become a Fashion Photographer?

Photography is used in many industries for presenting beautiful images to the viewers. This is a skillful task and is performed by experienced and talented photographers. In the fashion industry, you will see many fashion photographers during live stage shows, ramp walks, and product advertisement sessions. 

However, it is not as simple as it seems. It takes years of practice for a person to become an expert fashion photographer. That is why we have created this small guide that will help you to achieve your fashion photography goals. 

Learning the basics of fashion

Fashion has been a part of our lives for many years. When you start learning about this field of work then many elements will start opening up. Starting from the history of fashion, to designs, hairstyles, terminologies, and present scenarios, all these things need to be acknowledged by any aspirant. 

How to Become a Fashion Photographer - Learning the basics of fashion

Taking inspiration

Articles, magazines, cover photos, and live shows are an excellent way to grasp more knowledge about the real world. This will help you to understand the techniques used while taking a single photograph. It is the best way to be up to date with modern fashion photography.

Master all the concepts

The fashion industry does not hire people based on just talent. One must gain enough information about all the concepts of fashion photography. There are various components like lightning, retouching, mood, aesthetic, and make-up that a photographer should know about.

Basic Photography Concepts in Fashion Photography


Lighting is one of the fashion photography concepts that can be explained with the help of a photo. It is one way of making photos pop out. The fact is, there are some of the photographers who specialize in providing lighting assistance to fashion photographers. The most important part of lighting in the photos is the choice of the right spot.

One common error made by novice photographers is over-spot lighting. As a matter of fact, many people do the same mistake over again. In fact, it is the photographer’s responsibility to provide the proper illumination. In addition, he/she has to make sure that there are no shadows.

In case you want to go for a darker effect in the photo, then it is advisable to place the subject away from the light. This is one of the most common mistakes committed by fashion photographers. Instead of placing them close to the light, they take the photos near the shadows. However, when you are working in a low light environment, then it is advisable to take the photos in the late afternoon.

Exposure & Staging

Other than lighting, there are two main concepts in photography that photography students should learn. One is exposure and the other is staging. When you are dealing with fashion photography, it is very essential to know all these two concepts. Staging is used to hide certain imperfections or to provide natural effects. Staging is not limited to fashion photography, but can also be applied in portrait photography and still life photography.

Staging in photography refers to the background. Sometimes, the lighting of the model may not be appropriate. For instance, when you are taking a portrait shot, you cannot see the wrinkles in the model’s face. If you want to get rid of the wrinkles, then you can ask the model to remove them before the photo shoot. However, when you are preparing for still-life photography, you cannot just erase the wrinkles in the model’s face. The lighting of the photo shoot has to be perfect.

Shutter Speed

Another important concept in photography is shutter speed. In photography, there is a standard speed that photographers consider appropriate. For instance, a shutter speed of one hundred and thirty seconds is considered to be normal. This speed is recommended for indoor photography. On the other hand, if you are planning to take photographs outdoors, you can increase the shutter speed to one hundred and fifty seconds to eliminate the blurring effects from sunlight.

Work on small projects

Once you are clear with the conceptual part, then it’s time to create your projects. Either work with a team or work individually to achieve this process. You can also start experimenting on certain objects or freelancing models to get an idea about your work. With time, you will start making fewer mistakes and become a better fashion photographer.

How to Become a Fashion Photographer? - Work on small projects

Create a portfolio

Having a quality portfolio is a must for every beginner and even professional fashion photographer. This method displays your experience and skills required for the job. Creating an attractive portfolio can make a huge impact on your profile. Try adding your best work in this region.

Start working in organizations

Now it to step into the real world. You can begin this journey by applying to small startups, individual project owners, or companies. This will create exposure and help you to grasp the working of the fashion industry. As a photographer, you should take any opportunity and make the best out of it. 

Be more active on social platforms

Last but not the least, make a presence on social websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can easily showcase your work on these platforms. In addition to that, create a website and encourage your followers to review your work there. Try to attract as many people as possible. With the right amount, brands will start noticing your work and will certainly contact you. This is an efficient method of working as a fashion photographer. 

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