How To Install A Security Camera Easily? - A Simple Guide

How To Install A Security Camera Easily? – A Simple Guide

A security camera should be installed in a strategic position to maximize effectiveness. The whole idea is to capture most of your home compound, especially areas that burglars are likely to use. When installing the cameras, there are fundamental questions to consider. For instance, is the camera wireless or wired? Is it an outdoor or indoor camera?. The big question, however, is how to install a security camera?. Are you stuck with the installation process?

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The Best Way To Position Your Camera

Ideal positioning mainly depends on the primary purpose of the security camera. For instance, children monitoring cameras should focus on the playground. If your main purpose is to check on deliveries, consider installing your camera above the doorway.

Suitable Place To Install Indoor Security Camera

Finding an ideal place for installing indoor cameras is quite a simple task. For instance, placing the camera on a shelf or higher corner provides a decent field of view. In general, the best place to mount your camera is a spot that provides a clear view of the whole space. The spot should be minimal foot traffic and concealed from thieves.
Right Spot For Installing Outdoor Security Camera

An ideal place to install an outdoor camera is above the garage door or any spot overlooking the back or front porch. The camera should provide a clear and large view of the walkway and driveway. Ideally, a good position should allow you to see all the action taking place around the homestead.

Vital Tools For Installing Wired Camera

  • Power drills
  • Makins tape and steel fish take
  • Ethernet cable

Step by Step Process of Installing Home Security System

1. Choose a Suitable Installation Spot

When choosing an ideal spot to mount your camera, you have to consider several aspects. For instance, while the wall next to your front door is a perfect spot, wiring the cable from the DVR to the camera will be an onerous task. This makes the porch ceiling more ideal because you can pass cables through the attic.

2. Mounting The Security Camera

After choosing an ideal spot, it is time to get down to work. Start by drilling holes and screwing the camera firmly into the wall or molding. Some Kits come with template stickers. However, you can make guide marks by holding the camera up to the wall. Also, mount the DVR properly in a safe compartment. The DVR stores all the CCTV recordings from the security camera.

3. Run The Cables And Connect Wires

Run the cables to all camera locations and DVR. Ensure you use wire molding to keep the wires organized and safe. A fish tape will come in handy when routing the cables through the attic. Remember to connect the video cable via the BNC port.

4. Power On The Security System

Now turn on the camera, display, and the DVR. Confirm that every component is functioning correctly and provides a suitable viewing angle. After setting up the system, customize the settings through the user interface to suit your security needs. Lastly, ensure the system is running flawlessly.

5. Your Security System is Up and Running

After setting up the whole system, everything should work just fine. You can rest easy knowing your home is secured. If you run into problems, it is shrewd to involve professional services.

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