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How To Make A Music Visualizer Free With Adobe After Effects?

Visualizing the music has become a trend these days. Many musicians do use Music visualizers to give their fans a fantastic experience from music as well as from visuals both. There are many ways to create such things.

A lot of people have this question in their mind after producing their music.

How To Make A Music Visualizer Free?

So, We are going to show you a free method that you can customize a visualizer in your way, not limiting to the given templates like If you are satisfied with some basic visualizing, you can go to that website and get done your work easily.

How To Make A Music Visualizer Free with Adobe After Effects


Here We are using Adobe After Effects 2017 CC Version.

1. Open Adobe After Effects Software and click “New Project”.

When you open the Adobe after effects software, a window called “Start” will appear on the screen as below. You have to click the “New Project…” button.

Adobe after effects free visualizer

2. Create a “New Composition”

You have to go to the main menu and click “Composition”. Then Click “New Composition” from the drop down as shown below.


3. Customize the Composition settings

Here you can see the “Composition Settings” window. There you can select or change the size, resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio, duration of the clip, background color, and some of the other advanced features.

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4. Import necessary Files

After creating the composition, you need to import the necessary files. For that go to the main menu and then click “File > Import > File…” and import the files.


5. Drag the imported files to the Working Area

You can see all the imported files in the left hand side and then drag them to the working area.

Adobe after effects free visualizer3

6. Save the project with a name

Save the working file with a new name as shown below.


7. Create a New Solid


8. Select “Audio Spectrum”

As shown below you have to select the Solid that you created and go to the “Effects” tab in the main menu. Effects > Generate > Audio Spectrum


9. Select the “Music Layer” you want to visualize

In the audio spectrum settings, go to the Audio Layer and link it with the music file you imported before.


10. Audio Spectrum Settings

You can try and adjust the values of the different sections of the Audio Spectrum and create a spectrum as you like. Below are our settings for our audio spectrum.


11. Go to Effects & Presets Tab and search for “Polar Coordinates”

Adobe after effects free visualizer5

12. Screen will look like this


13. Customize the “Polar Coordinates”


14. Change the side of the bars

To change the side of the bar you can simply change the Side Options values.

Adobe after effects free visualizer7

15. Free Music Visualizer With Adobe After Effects

So finally you can see a beautiful audio visualizer which reacts according to the music.

Adobe after effects free visualizer6

16. Add to Render Queue

To render the video go to Composition > Add to Render Queue


17. Export Settings

You can simply choose the format as QuickTime and export the video.

Adobe after effects free visualizer8

18. Click the “Render” button & export the video

Adobe after effects free visualizer9

We hope you will make a mind-blowing Music Visualizer.

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