Best Photo Editor Software Alternatives for Adobe Photoshop

In the digital industry, almost everything is created by modifying the quality of videos and images. This is done to enhance the overall look of the subject and attract potential customers. Major advertising industries use such techniques to create banners. While some small companies can utilize the method for promoting their products. 

All in all, editing tools play an important part in many organizations. Out of these, photo editing applications are immensely popular. This software can manipulate an object and display an unrealistic image on the screen. Though, in the eyes of the viewers, these images are as real as the actual world.

Many photo editing software is available online. From free to paid and advertisement-based, you will find a variety of tools. In this article, we will learn about the best photo editing software that is available for everyone. This will also include beginner to advance level products that can transform any image. 

So, first, let us understand the basic concept and then look into the list of photo editing applications.

What is photo editing?

The basic idea about photo editing is to change certain aspects of the image to create a better experience for the viewers. This process can be performed using the following methods:

  • Black and white balance: In this technique, the light from a source is manipulated to create the right conditions for the image.
  • Changing the contrast and exposure: Brightness and contrast are adjusted to make the image look softer or sharper.
  • Noise reduction: The size of the pixels is reduced to make the image clear and less blurry.
  • Color enhancements: Creating a darker or lighter image is done using various color combinations.
  • Cropping: Editing a part of changing the width and height of an image is called cropping.
  • Modifying the background: You can also change the background of a subject or remove it entirely. 

We know that the popularity of Adobe Photoshop couldn’t be achieved by any other Photo Editing Software during the past few decades. But some are searching for more simple software that can replace adobe photoshop.

So we decided to bring you some Photo Editor Software Alternatives for Adobe Photoshop.

List of the Best Photo Editing Software

Free Software

1. Pixlr

Pixlr is an online photo editor. It means you can use it with any operating system with your browser. It comes with all the basic tools and adjustments that you might need to create well-edited images.

Two versions of Pixlr are available. One is Pixlr E for web and mobile. While the other one is Pixlr X for only web applications. 


Pixlr Features

  • flip, Rotate and straighten all images
  • Crop – seven preset image ratios
  • Instagram worthy filters
  • Built-in text tool with stylish font sets
  • Tweak vibrance shadows and highlights
  • layers with multiple blending modes

You can access this photo editor software from the below link :
Pixlr – Online Platform


GIMP is a free, open-source image editing platform. The program packs a variety of expert quality highlights which can really equal Adobe Photoshop capabilities. Its astounding montage highlights permit the client to handily tweak photographs/pictures and make fine art without any preparation.


GIMP Features

  • Color correction
  • Paint features like paint tool (pencil, brush, clone and airbrush)
  • Custom patterns and brushes
  • Transformation tools – rotate, scale, shear, and flip
  • Editable text layers
  • Editing tools – masks, layers, curves, and levels
  • MNG support – for animations
  • Huge plugin collections to extend (some even pre-installed)

You can download this Adobe Photoshop Alternative Photo Editor Software from the below link :
Download GIMP

3. Krita

In fact, artists looking to give everyone affordable art tools built Krita for conceptual artists, texture and matte painters comic strip creators, and illustrators.


Krita Features

  • Create shortcuts for commonly used tools
  • Brush stabilizers – avoid shakiness
  • Endless brush customizations
  • Assistant tools for helping to create the perfect shape

You can download this Adobe Photoshop Alternative Photo Editor Software from the below link :
Download Krita

4. Photopea

Photopea online photo editor software is an advanced image editor, which can work with both vector graphics & raster images. We can use it for simple tasks, like resizing images as well as complex tasks which are like creating illustrations, designing webpages, processing images and much more.

Photopea is very much similar to Adobe Photoshop.

Photopea - Photo Editing Software Alternatives for Adobe Photoshop.

Photopea – Online Platform

Paid Software

1. Paint.NET

Paint.NET is a photo editing software for PCs that run in Windows and which supports layers, especially unlimited undo, special effects, and various kinds of useful and powerful tools. This was developed to replace the Paint application of windows. But now beginners can create amazing photo effects using this software.

Paint.NET Features

  • 3D rotate zoom – help with the re-composition of images
  • Multiple layers with blending modes
  • A lot of formats supported like PDN, BMP, TGA, GIF, JPG, TIFF, PNG, and DDS
  • Clone stamping for copying or erasing parts of images
  • Rulers, drawing, and gradients
  • History tool for multiple quick Unlimited undo attempts

2. Affinity Photo

This is a professional software that is utilized in most industries.

3. Pixelmator

Only available on Mac OS and can be integrated with other features of an Apple device.

4. PaintShop Pro

It is a good alternative to Adobe Photoshop

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