What is a Home Security System? – Here is what you should know

Imagine someone breaking into your home and making his way into your living room? It can be frightening, right? Well, while we all dread break-ins, our homes are prone to all kinds of property crimes. As per Federal Bureau of Investigation reports, at least two burglaries occur every minute in the U.S. As a homeowner, one of the biggest concerns is how to protect your home from break-ins and theft. This is where the home security system comes in handy. So before you get to know about the security components, you need to know, what is a home security system?

We shall explore in detail what home security is and the objects it encompasses. Let’s get started.

Understanding The Home Security System

It is a collection of electronic gadgets that help to monitor and protect a house. The components secure entry points and interior spaces, especially rooms containing valuable items, including precious metals, guns, and arts.  In general, the system protects the house from burglars and other home intruders.

Components Of A Home Security System

As mentioned, home security consists of numerous objects. Below are some typical components.

1. Security Camera

Security Camera
Security Camera

Security cameras provide a livestream of what is happening on your property. The information is stored either on cloud or in local storage. Many security cameras come with color night vision or infrared. The camera sends notifications once they detect movement. Smart security has google assistant and Amazon Alexa integrations. In addition, they come with two-way audio, which enables you to speak to the person on camera.

2. Panic buttons

Panic buttons
Panic buttons

Panic buttons provide an effective way of alert police, fire departments, and emergency service. You can install your panic button anywhere. For instance, a bedside table is a strategic place for installing a panic button.

3. Sensors

Components Of A Home Security System - Sensors

Home security systems usually consist of entry, motion, and glass break sensors. Entry sensors alert you when a door or window is opened, while motion sensors detect movement at the entryway or inside our home. Glass break sensors send us notifications when they pick the sound of breaking glass.

4. Siren

Components Of A Home Security System - Siren

The sound of the siren alerts neighbors of potential intrusion and scares away the intruders.

5. Smoke detector

Fire accidents put the safety of your family at risk. Luckily, home security systems come with smoke detectors. The detector turns on when there is carbon monoxide or smoke in your home.

Components Of A Home Security System - Smoke Detector
Smoke Detector

6. Base station

Are you wondering how security systems send alerts to your phone? Well, this is the work of base stations. Essentially, the base station connects the home security system components with your devices, enabling you to receive notifications.

Major types of Home security systems

1. DIY or Professional Home Security Systems

For Do it yourself (DIY) home security systems, the homeowner does the installs and monitoring all by themselves. On the other hand, a professional system is installed and monitored by professionals.

2. Smart Vs Local Systems

The smart home suit system is connected to the internet. This means that you can receive notifications through mobile apps when the alarm goes off. Moreover, you can monitor and control the system remotely. In contrast, local systems are not internet-enabled. You have to be physically present to control them. Also, it requires you to be close by to hear the alarm.

3. Wired or Wireless

As the name suggests, wireless security systems require no wiring. Instead, they come with inbuilt batteries and a WIFI connection. On the other hand, the Wired systems are connected to the home electrical system.

Final Words

The importance of having a home security system can be overemphasized. It protects your home and notifies you in case of any incident. With smart systems, you can monitor what is happening visually. Ultimately home security systems boost the security of your home and the safety of your family.

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