What is B-Roll? – An Interesting Videomaking Technique

Every filmmaking or production company utilizes cameras to capture live action. This recording is kept in a separate place that is then distributed to different places. But this is not the full story of footage capturing. In the industry, people work by actually capturing multiple cuts of the same shot. Now, these cuts are edited and are assimilated together for the final video. This entire procedure is done in two ways. The first one is an A roll and the second one is a B roll. Most of us are very much interested in the second one and have the question of “What is B-Roll?” in our minds.

A-roll is the main footage that is captured. Most of the manipulations are performed on this part. Whereas, the B-roll is additional footage that is utilized for any unwanted circumstances. B-roll is also taken for the director to make any changes in the future or for releasing a new version of the same video.

This is technical work and requires the placement of cameras and members at various locations. We will talk more about this subject in the coming paras. In addition to that, you will understand the importance of the B roll in any industry. 

A-roll vs B-roll

What is B-Roll In Videomaking - A-roll vs B-roll

Whenever we talk about the main story of the film, then A roll is the right term for it. It contains all the main parts of the actual video and is captured by a large team. This is utilized to display the core elements of the story. 

When the main footage is being recorded, there is another team that manages the additional elements. The images stored by this set of members are collectively known as the B roll. Furthermore, a B roll might not have sound or other features that are included in an A roll. But it is necessary to capture extra images for editing purposes in the future.

Do remember that the primary source of data is captured in A roll. Some shots of the B roll might even have properties of the A-roll. The B roll requires fewer modifications. Thus, a small team can suffice for this whole operation.

Types of B-roll 

Many types of B roll are used in the industry. Some of them are listed below:

  • Stock Footage: This is the collection of images that can be placed at various spots of a video. The usage depends on the change in the final cut.
  • FX cuts: This is mainly used to add special effects to the screen. It can be done during any part of the recording or after the completion of the film. 
  • Inserted images: Some extra shots are inserted to display the depth of the video. Directors can also replace certain images with B-roll ones.

Importance of B-roll

For any type of video recording or capturing process, a B-roll plays an important part. Having an extra image ensures zero flaws in the video when the final cut comes out. Also, if anything goes wrong, you can use these supplementary images to create the best experience for all viewers.

What is B-Roll In Videomaking - Importance of B-roll

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